Acceptable Quality is not Acceptable for Us


   When you are shopping for a low-cost replacement aftermarket part for your truck most companies offer what they call “acceptable quality” products that will allow you to get by and get you going for a very short while. This is mainly because, for an aftermarket component, manufacturers consider you to be the “second or third owner” and they assume that you would be fine with a lower cost and lower quality substitute for an OE part to get you by. 

   You may be the first second or the very last owner of your truck, but to us, you are the very first owner of our products and we know you want to get the most bang for your buck. This is why when we are manufacturing our air springs we ensure that not only do they meet the aftermarket’s so-called “acceptable standards”  but we make sure they exceed original equipment requirements. 

   Now let’s look at some numbers and you will see that when it comes to aftermarket air springs this is what most companies will offer if they offer any numbers at all!

 Aftermarket’s “acceptable quality” figures

Rubber Thickness 3 to 3.5mm

Burst Pressure 150-250 psi

Stud 1040 grade steel

Life Cycle 1 million to 2 Million tops 

Warranty 1 Year – Limited


4.1 to 4.5 mm thick OE quality rubber

Burst Pressure over 400 psi

Stud 4140-grade steel, 25% stronger

Life Cycle over 10 million 

3 year Unlimited Mile Warranty